Upholstery Cleaning Perth

Our Furniture can trap all sorts of dust, dirt grime and allergens in the fibres of the couch. Then, when you sit or lay on your furniture, you essentially breathing all of that in, which isn’t ideal. So, you can understand why we stress to get your furniture / carpets cleaned every 6-12 months, in order to stay on-top of the hygiene and also to make your furniture / carpets last a whole lot longer.

Our upholstery cleaning service uses the same techniques and tricks as we do with carpets, but we have to be much more careful as more often than not the furniture is a lot harder / riskier to clean it properly.

We use two methods – Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning for your Upholstery

With these two methods, Charles will inform you the best approach to tackle your furniture and will better educate you on what will be best for it.


  1. Charles before he starts will always begin with a thorough pre inspection. He will look at the Fibre (polyester, rayon, linen, wool, acrylic etc) and determine how he will approach the Furniture. He will then look for any damages such as; tears, loose seems, burns, type of soil (oil, food, protein etc) and then choose which detergent he’ll use now.
  2. Charles will the start Pre Treating any spots that he may be concerned with. this will give your Couch a better clean.
  3. After spot treating, this this is when the magic happens, we will flush and extract your upholstery and remove all the malodorous, dirt and soil.
  4. Finally, we can inspect your furniture and ensure that you are happy with it and he will then inform of you of future tips and tricks to stay on-top of your couch, such as any spills that may occur in the interim before it gets cleaned again.
  5. Your upholstery will be dry within an hour or a few hours.