Stain Removal

Having Stains on your carpets, rugs or upholstery can be a nightmare for yourself, as you can never stop noticing it.

Here at HWA Carpet Cleaning we have a lot of experience and training to effectively treat your stained area.

Our Team Charles + Patrick The Carpet Technicians is able to determine the best Method for every single rug, carpet and couches.
This is important as not all pieces of furniture are adaptable to the same cleaning methods.

However, our team possess years of experience in the cleaning business so whether they employ dry cleaning, steam cleaning (hot water extraction) or, you can rest assured that they have made the right call.

We are committed to excellence in customer service at HWA Carpet Cleaning. We believe that the satisfaction of our customers consistently is the only thing that will keep our business running successfully in the years to come.

After we finish treating the stained area we will give you following tips and tricks to avoid it in the future and how to treat it before we arrive and treat it.