Rug Cleaning Perth

Vacuuming alone won’t keep your area rugs free from dirt, dust and allergens. That’s why we recommend getting your rug’s cleaned at least annually, so we can mitigate the soil / dirt that gets trapped in the fibres of the rug.

At HWA Carpet Cleaning we use our Both Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) and also Low moisture cleaning.

Both Methods of Steam and Low moisture will vary on your rug, for example if you have a very find delicate rug we will use the low moisture method also knows as Dry cleaning.

How We Clean Your Rugs

HWA Carpet Cleaning will start by inspecting the rugs you want cleaned and talk about the cleaning process.

1. Before we begin, we still start our Pre-Inspection prior to cleaning. this includes making sure the rugs will not lose colour or the colour migrate to other areas of the rug.

2. We start out but Pre-Spotting any spots that we might think needs extra attention, this will have a far better outcome.

3. Then we will Pre-Treat your highly valued rug with a very specific rug cleaning detergent that will safely clean and sanitise your rug.

4. From there we will then choose the Very Low Moisture, or Hot Water Extraction method.

5. Once the clean has been completed we will groom your rugs to ensure the fibres have adequately separated from each other and also helps assist the dry times

6. Finally we will do a post inspection with yourself and give future tips and tricks to ensure your rug will stay cleaner for longer.

Very Low moisture method or known as Rug Dry Cleaning

With this method which is the most common method we use.
the reason why we do this method is that it is better for fine rugs or problem rugs that may have the following risks such as;
colour loss, colour bleed, and browning out due to the rug staying wet for a prolong period of time.

This is when “Rug dry cleaning” comes into work.
You’ll receive faster dry times, a brighter appearance and will stay cleaner for longer due to the anti re soil capabilities it produces.
now lets talk about the Hot water extraction method for rugs (Rug Steam Cleaning)

Hot water extraction method ( Rug Steam Cleaning)

We follow the same principles as carpet cleaning but here we really have to pay attention as rugs can be very delicate.
This method is also very good if the rug needs a good flushing capability or if your pet(s) have gone to the toilet on them.