How Often You Should Clean Your House

Your home is your castle, and any good castle should be kept clean and spotless. There are many benefits to consistently cleaning a house or an apartment; not only does keeping a home clean keep it looking good and not smelling repugnant, but it’s also vital for the sake of hygiene and safety. Whether you’re a self-confessed neat freak or you just like to keep your place nice for whenever guests visit, it’s important to keep your home looking its best.

Whatever tools you have at hand, from a simple sponge and bucket to specialized steam cleaning equipment, you should certainly be willing to put in the time, effort and elbow grease to get rid of those stains, tackle big messes and keep on top of little jobs. It can be awfully tempting to hire a professional to help, but not everyone can afford to enlist the service of diligent cleaners. Some jobs would need expert assistance, such as deep carpet cleaning or industrial level jobs, but only truly disastrous messes would require these services within a normal home.

There are plenty of ways that you can keep your home pleasantly clean, but when should you be rolling up your sleeves and donning the rubber gloves? Some people enjoy a regular, thorough clean, while others feel that compartmentalization tackles cleaning jobs better, but when all’s said and done and the dust has settled (and promptly been cleaned, of course) the question remains; when is it best to clean a home? What’s the most efficient way of cleaning? And above all else, how often should you clean your home? OspreyDeepclean, experts in all things steam cleaning, is here to answer these questions.

What should I consider when cleaning my home?

As is often the case with anything, context is key when approaching the task of cleaning a home. How large is your house? Is it a small apartment? Do you live with pets? Have children? Have specific allergies? Some of these questions relate to what specific measures you use to clean your home, while the others should help guide the way you tackle cleaning. For example, a small apartment won’t require as extensive cleaning as a larger house, but if you live with pets that shed fur then you’ll need to keep on top of cleaning more frequently.

Having a plan for cleaning and knowing exactly how you’re going to handle each room or the entire home as a whole is essentially half the battle. Professional cleaners often speak about how different clients require different approaches to their homes, including how often their services are called upon. Of course, a professional will never turn down a request for help, but some of these cleaners have spoken about how their services haven’t always been needed; at least, for the entire home.

If you do require professional assistance, be it for time-saving or out of necessity, then it’s always worth consulting with them to see how often they believe your home needs cleaning. Otherwise, the aforementioned factors should play into how often you decide to pick up that duster or start rummaging around for cleaning products.

How often should I clean my bedroom?

Most bedrooms share the same cleaning problems, with the bed being the focus of your efforts. To keep them fresh, sheets should ideally be washed on a weekly basis, washing them at a minimum of 40°C to get rid of any harmful bacteria and bad smells.

Likewise, pillows should be tended to once every three to six months; this includes pillowcases, which can be washed with sheets, and the pillows themselves. Cleaning everything on top of the bed also provides the perfect opportunity to give the mattress a quick clean too; a quick vacuum can achieve this in no time.

How often should I clean my bathroom?

It can be extremely easy to allow your bathroom to slip in terms of cleanliness, especially if it’s a small, compact space. It might seem contradictive to state this, but a smaller space means that the likes of extractor fans will normally have to work harder when you have hot showers. This can lead to tackling damp and mould more often, so keeping on top of frequent cleaning is vital.

A weekly clean is what you should be aiming, ensuring you keep shower & bath areas dry and clean as well as properly cleaning the toilet, including bleaching the toilet brush you use once a month. Towels should also be washed regularly, putting them into the washing machine at a minimum of 40°C every three or four uses.

How often should I clean my kitchen?

Many might think that the bathroom will be the dirtiest room in the home, but in reality, it’s the kitchen. It’s a little known fact that kitchen counters, chopping boards and dishcloths can harbour as much, if not more, harmful bacteria than a toilet, so regularly cleaning your kitchen surfaces and replacing dishcloths is essential. Clean spills as they happen, clean surfaces on a weekly basis and perform a deep clean every three to four months; the same principles hold true for fridges.

Cleaning appliances is another story though, as the likes of dishwashers should be cleaned using warm soapy water and then performing a ‘vinegar wash’ (place a cupful of white vinegar in the upper rack then run a cycle at the hottest setting) and ovens should ideally receive a deep clean twice a year.

How often should I clean my living room?

Despite often being the room in the home that gathers the most foot traffic, living rooms can be the easiest room to clean. Unless you eat in your living room (which would only require ensuring any food-based mess is cleaned as soon as it’s caused) the only steps you’ll really need to take when cleaning is ensuring that all counters and surfaces are wiped down when needed (whether it’s cleaning dust or spills) and that the floors are vacuumed once every week or two.

Dust build-up will likely be the largest issue when cleaning the living room, so vacuuming and sweeping can keep this room clean. This will be particularly simple if you have non-carpeted floors, yet even in the case of carpeted floors, you’ll simply have to put a little bit of extra effort (or use additional vacuum accessories) or be mindful or any spills that might leave any lasting stains.

I hope you enjoyed reading our blog, please stay tuned for more future ones!

How to Reorganise Your Home, No Expert Needed

Maybe you’ve been watching home-tidying shows on television, or maybe you’re just tired of living in never-ending mess and chaos.  Whatever the reason, you’ve decided it’s time to overhaul your home and get rid of all the clutter.  There are experts in the field that you can hire to come and take care of it all for you, or you can save money by doing it yourself.  Here are some helpful tips for organizing your home on your own.

Decide What to Keep

The first thing an expert is going to guide you through is determining which of your belongings to keep and which to get rid of.  This is probably the most difficult part of the whole experience.  It can be hard to choose which items to let go of, especially if you have emotional attachment to any of the belongings in question.  Ask yourself a few questions:

  • “Do I use this?”
  • “Would I buy this again?”
  • “Do I even like it?”

If you answer “no” to any of these, then it’s time to let that item go – either to trash, donate, or sell.  If you have sentimental attachment and struggle to part with an item, try taking a picture of it to save the memory without having the item take up space in your home.

Creative Storage Solutions

Once you have sifted through all your belongings and kept only what you need or love, an expert would then create a beautiful and creative storage solution.  You can do this yourself!  Avoid the temptation to go out and buy all new storage bins and containers.  Not only will they cost you money, but they will take up more space than you may have.  Instead, creatively utilize what you already have in your home.  Store extra items in storage ottomans or in containers under your bed.  Take advantage of vertical storage on walls and doors.  You can maximize the space you have with a little creative problem solving.

Creating a Tidying System

Now that your belongings are organized and put away, the last thing an expert would help you achieve is an effective system to maintain that peaceful tidiness.  Organized Home suggests that you make a new habit to put things away immediately.  When you enter the house, hang up your keys, put your coat in the closet, and immediately sort the mail rather than throwing everything onto the table.  You can also adopt a basket system to keep your home clutter-free.  Designate one empty basket for clutter.  Throughout the day, you can walk around and put items into the basket that have been left on countertops or the living room floor.  At the end of each day, every family member can help distribute and put away the basket’s contents.

Clean Your Newly-Exposed Areas

With your new clutter-free, organized home, you have likely exposed some areas that have previously been hidden under piles of junk.  This is a great time to take advantage of this state of tidy bliss and deep clean those areas.  Give all your countertops a good cleaning and polishing.  Your floors and carpets will likely also need a good deep-cleaning treatment.  While you may have the tools to do this yourself, floors are best left to the professionals.  HWA Carpet Cleaning utilizes the latest technology to leave your floors as clean as the day they were first put down.

While professionals are your best bet for proper floor care, you don’t need to hire professionals to organize and declutter your home.  Take the time to sift through your belongings and determine what stays and what goes.  Then, creatively organize what you have kept using the spaces that you have.  Lastly, create a tidying system to help maintain that state of cleanliness in the future.  Follow these steps, and your home will be free of chaos and clutter in no time!

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6 Smart Tips for a Greener Deep Clean

Deep cleaning can be a dirty job. Not only does decluttering create large amounts of rubbish to dispose of, but cleaning products can sully your home in sneaky ways. If you want a cleaner home and a lighter environmental impact, apply these tips to your next deep cleaning.

Know your recycling rules

Don’t throw unwanted stuff away — recycle it. Recycling isn’t limited to what you can put in the curbside bin. These are some other recycling options available to Australians:

● Drop soft plastics, like plastic bags, in your local grocer’s REDcycle bin.

● Recycle large items, like furniture and kitchen appliances, on verge collection days

.● Drop off textiles, like unwearable clothing, at your nearest drop-off hub

.● Use TerraCycle to find recycling programs for miscellaneous items, like cosmetics containers and mailing satchels.

For more information on how to dispose of items around the house, check out Recycle Right’s A-Z of Recycling.

Locate donation centres

If an item still has life in it, reuse is better than recycling. The simplest way to donate is to find a secondhand shop that accepts a wide range of goods. That way, you can donate everything from appliances to clothing in one go. If you’re donating large items or have a lot of stuff, you may be eligible for free pick-up!

Stock up on green cleaning products

Conventional cleaning products may do a good job, but they’re not terribly safe. Many cleaners emit chemicals, known as volatile organic compounds or VOCs, that pollute the air in your home. They’re also dangerous if a child or pet gets a hold of them. You can buy green cleaners at the store, but if you prefer a low-budget solution, making your own is easy. Green Child Magazine has instructions to get you started.

Hiring a carpet cleaning machine sounds like a smart way to save money. However, rental machines not only do a poor job compared to professional carpet cleaners, they’re also more likely to leave chemical residues in your carpet. If clean carpets are important to you, save your time and pay for professional cleaning instead. A carpet cleaning service knows the right amount of detergent to use, and their high-powered machines rinse your carpet thoroughly for a truly deep clean. Of course, professional carpet cleaning isn’t something you want to pay for more often than you have to. Once the deep cleaning is complete, invest in a commercial vacuum. For a similar cost as a residential vacuum, you can buy a machine with far more suction power so your carpets stay cleaner for longer.

Dust hard-to-reach places

Dust works its way into every corner of your home. If you don’t address it, all that built-up dust affects indoor air quality and aggravates asthma and allergies. As you dust your home, clean neglected spaces like crown molding, ceiling fans, and the tops of cabinets. Don’t forget under and behind large appliances like the refrigerator and dryer! Dust in these areas affects your appliances’ functioning and can even create a fire risk.

Go paperless

You constantly have paper coming into your home in the form of junk mail, newspapers, and documents. Rather than letting paper clutter your home, put a stop to it. The Australian Postal Corporation has tips for stopping unwanted junk mail. If you like to keep up with the news, switch your paper delivery to an online subscription. You can also sign up for e-delivery of important documents like bills and banking notices so they go to your email rather than your mailbox (don’t forget to digitise your old documents too!). Not only will you reduce paper consumption, you’ll reduce the odds of losing important paperwork.

Traditional cleaning methods don’t eliminate mess — they merely transfer it. Tossing unwanted items in the garbage gets clutter out of your own home but fills the landfill, and conventional cleaning products eliminate unsightly messes but leave invisible toxins in their place. If a clean home and a clean environment are important to you, these tips will get you on the right track. 

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Let’s Talk Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning

HWA Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning Process:

We will talk you through our process and how we adhere to our very strict guidelines and criteria of how to properly and effectively cleaning your furniture and carpets.

The first part of our process

As always we do our pre inspection and this involves, checking for damages, trimmings, carpet or upholstery burns, fibre, fibre fill (if it has feathers, foam, rubber etc), colour run, colour loss, see if there is UV damage on your carpet, rug or upholstery, looking for wear and or abrasion, texture distortion, and then we will look into the soiling characteristics such as – pet hair, oily stains, water damage, fatty stains, rust stains, urine, dye stains and more.

From just that pre inspection alone we then move onto our next step which is and the most important


When we vacuum, we are cleaning the whole area, from the cushions to the back rest, to where you remove the cushions (if applicable) and vacuum the crevices and the bottom.

 Why is vacuuming so important?

Well it removes most of the dry soil and if you weren’t to vacuum and then apply any cleaning solution, the solution wouldn’t be very effective because the dry soil basically neutralises the cleaning solution and from there you just wouldn’t get peak performance from your cleaning agent.

Also in accordance with the Australian standard AS/NZS:3733:1995 we must vacuum prior to cleaning.  

Now how do we do it better?

HWA Carpet Cleaning we, use a Upright vacuum with turbo brush that raises and lowers depending on the pile and from there we have a HEPA filter which is especially good if we have clients who a allergic to dust, or who have asthma.

From there, there is a specific technique on how we vacuum, we don’t pull up and back with it, we like to vacuum how we say “walking the dog” and going along the carpet pile like a train track rather than against the pile.
This results in a far superior vacuum compared to a rush up and back. We also overlap when we do it thus getting a more beneficial clean. 

I can keep going on about this but I think we get the point 😊Now we can move onto the next step.

Detergent: As previously discussed with our Pre inspection checklist, once we find out the soils, damages, fibre there is and choose our agent accordingly to what specifics your upholstery or carpet are.


Once we have applied the agent, we then like to wait for the solution to do its work, we call this “dwell” time. That takes the “heavy lifting” out of carpet cleaning. Basically we get better results with our “dwell” time. The same principle applies with your normal spray and wipes or home chemicals.

Whilst we are waiting for the “dwell” time we then depending on the scenario, we would use our Orbot Vibe to do extra Agitation. This allows us to give the carpets or upholstery that extra kick to give us a better result.


With the Heat component, we use that term to refer to the water. Each fibre can handle so much heat so for example with wool we can go above 80c, but we want to get as close as possible, where as if you go over the recommended heat you will cause damage to the fibre.
Some carpet cleaners can sometimes go overboard and use too much heat and agitation that it will cause permanent damage to the carpet or upholstery.

That conclude our Upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning blog

Stay tuned for more

~ Charles HWA Carpet Cleaning

Let’s Talk Carpet Steam Cleaner Perth

Hello fellow Bloggers,

Charles here from HWA Carpet Cleaning. We hope you enjoyed our previous blog and that it provided very useful information. So our blogs will show how to avoid the “dodgy” cleaning companies and how to choose the real Professionals to get the job done properly.

In today’s blog we will be talking about

Carpet steam cleaner + machines.

At team HWA we not only provide a steam clean but we also provide dry cleaning service, and we will let you know the best method on how to tackle your carpets or rugs and tell you the advantages and disadvantages.

Don’t worry because at Team HWA we will always suggest the best method for you, the client and provide you with the honest opinion and the limitations. 
Getting back to the point of talking about

carpet cleaning companies  

You will want to follow the similar steps as to our last post but more importantly but you always have to keep in mind, that cheaper is never always the best cleaning!

Always hire someone who is fully trained, accredited, and that they follow the Australian standard, are they insured, do they have positive reviews so you know you can trust them

And can they can do the job properly, do they provide more than one cleaning option, such as dry or steam?

DON’T DIY Carpet Cleaning

With hiring of a carpet cleaning machine we like to tell our clients and everyone to stay away from them.

Because you may think your going the cost effective option, to save time and you probably think it does the same job as a professional clean but in fact it’s the opposite.

Let me explain why you shouldn’t hire a carpet cleaning machine

The Problems you may face

1. You can and probably will apply to much detergent and you’ll find it will get really sticky after the clean. Once it dries out you’ll find that after a couple days or weeks you will see that the spots may have re surfaced.
Or that you can find that the carpets weren’t cleaned much at all compared to a professional standard.

2. You may also find that the machine did not recover the water waste and that the carpets will be wet for a couple days. Which can cause mildew, bacteria, and other carpet damaging effects and you will get a nasty smell from it all.

3. To go there pick up the machine figure, out how to use it, then to apply the detergent. Then you will run the machine to clean the carpets. (which you have to move slowly for to get the best out of the machine)
That can take 3-4 hours out of your day, When after all time is of the essence for us all. But, when you hire a professional they will take an hour or a couple hours (depending on the size of the job)

You will the get best care and quality for your precious carpets.
Ultimately we want your carpets to be clean as possible and to not let it get dirt,
when you compare it to a hire machine.

Thanks again for reading HWA blog and you gained something out of this.Please stay tuned for more.

~ Charles

Lets talk Vacate Cleaning Perth

Background about the family business

G’day Charles here again from HWA Carpet Cleaning. HWA Carpet Cleaning is, as I always like to say, a family run business. The administrative & management staff is made up of the 3 brothers. They run the whole operation through undertake the tasks of providing the services, online marketing, and financial bookkeeping.

The Team

There is also assistance provided by the Mother, Catherine. She helps drive the company to fine tune our process also handles customer bookings and the scheduling of rosters.
Lastly Mark (the father) who is the mastermind behind the whole company.

Today’s blog I’ll be discussing about the various aspects we cover and offer as a business.

One of our most commonly booked services, is Vacate Cleaning Perth.

I’ll be discussing about the various aspects we cover and offer as a business. One of our most commonly booked services, is Vacate Cleaning Perth.
This includes the cleaning of a house once the furniture has been removed. (in most cases but there is exceptions and depends on customers’ requirements). There is also getting it a deep-level clean that will allow it to be returned to the landowner if it’s a rental, or to be up for sale if moving out.

HWA Carpet Cleaning operates under the branch of HWA Corporation, therefore, not only do we cover carpet & upholstery cleaning but we also offer, tile & grout cleaning, regular house cleaning, residential property maintenance, commercial and apartment cleaning. 

What does this mean?

This means we like to boast ourselves as a One-Stop-Shop for all your Domestic Household Servicing needs. So, rather than spending time looking at one booking by one business and then finding another service, from a different company.
With us you can just call the one person which will be a member of the Family Business to answer the phone and they can assist you with your matters. Over the phone we can discuss the nature of the services you require and the costs involved.If we don’t cover that particular service and depending on the ask will seek out and find a solution to your matter.

There are many vacate cleaning companies out in Perth, how do you choose the right one you may wonder?

Well to choose the correct one would of course be us :)..
But let me help provide a couple of the most important questions to consider when searching for Vacate Cleaning Company:

Q1. Consider how good is their reputation; do they have negative reviews or very helpful and accurate reviews? This is very worthwhile reading into to make sure they can supply a good and honest job and not cut corners on you. 

Q2. Have they been in business over a couple years? this one is a interesting one as people always start out and try to undercut everyone’s pr icings and use the cheapest products which often leads to a bad job hence why some don’t last very long in the business. 

Q3: Do they have the proper qualifications and experience for the job?
This can be asked by considering whether or not the workers / contractors of the business are properly identity checked and approved. 

Q4: Do they have Insurance coverage in case of any accidents?
This is important as after all, mistakes can be made whenever humans are involved. Due to a vacate clean involving the cleaning of personal property, it is best to have a business with safety / insurance in case of any mis happenings.

We have given you some background about the organisational structure of our family business, a list of the extensive range of services we provide and also, what we consider as the most important questions to ask when searching for the right business to provide you with a Vacate Cleaning Service!We hope you enjoyed the information.

HWA Carpet Cleaning~ Charles

Carpet Cleaning Perth More About Charlie

The Three Brothers

G’day, its Charles here from HWA Carpet Cleaning, in this blog we will be continuing on from our last blog and talk about –

Carpet Cleaning Perth.

We love what we do and have such a passion for carpet cleaning Perth, in fact so much so that I continually research, learn, adapt, find newer ways to develop a more thorough clean for you and aim to achieve extremely high results. Given my background, I have always had to find new ways to adapt and evolve and thus I continue to do this with Carpet Cleaning Perth.

My Friends and Family would often laugh about how much I continually talk about carpet cleaning and educate them regarding the intricate process.
I’ll pick up the process from where I left my last blog.

Pre Vacuum

A thorough pre vacuum of your carpet is important, this is where the dry soil removed prior to a deeper clean and must be done to such a high standard otherwise the carpet cleaning itself won’t be as effective and there will be residue dirt left between the fibres.

If you don’t vacuum before (with some carpet cleaners opting not to do) the carpet cleaning result would be a poor result, as the entire process really relies on the dry soil removal otherwise any carpet cleaning solution just won’t effectively clean the fibres properly. If a carpet cleaner was to only spend a few minutes vacuuming a room, then they just isn’t doing the job and taking massive shortcuts. I believe it’s important to take your time and to let the brush heads really get into the fibres, whilst this takes longer, the results far outweigh the cost of the extra time spent on the carpet.

Pre Treat

So after all that has been completed we then pre-treat some of the spots that we know will be tough to clean, these include everyday stains from a number of different sources. We have such a variety of spot removers (not like the supermarket cleaners but I won’t dive too much into that as it will get confusing and I don’t want you to try some of our methods as one method might work for one fibre but will completely damage another fibre, such as wool.

That’s why we love doing research, so I know how each solution will react to a spot on a certain fibre and when treating I have full confidence in the Spot/Stain treatment. Lastly we have to know about the carpet backing, this is the material under the carpet that binds it all together, backing requires completely different treatment to the carpet fibres themselves and this is a different story which i wont dive into right now.

If you would like to know more about our carpet cleaning process stay tuned for our future blogs. I will be explaining the process, of goals as a company, our values, and my experience as a carpet cleaner in future blogs.
Thank you, Charles Paino-Povey.

HWA Carpet Cleaning Perth.

HWA Carpet Cleaning in Subiaco, Perth – A Lil’ About Us

Firstly we are a family owned business and we care about YOU!
We offer multiple service to cleaning your carpet like: Steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning.
Our Process of cleaning carpet is very interesting when you learn how to clean it properly.

From when I first got into carpet cleaning, I thought it was a one spray cleans all the carpet! And you then run you wand over the carpet and hey presto its clean.. but I was so far from the truth.From when I first got into carpet cleaning, I thought it was a one spray cleans all the carpet! And you then run you wand over the carpet and hey presto its clean.. but I was so far from the truth.

After learning and taking carpet courses and joining the Carpet Cleaning Association of Western Australia is when we really took off and really learned how to properly clean carpets to a high quality standard and following the Australian regulations AS/NZS 3733:1995

We aim for top quality carpet cleaning in Subiaco, Perth. We don’t go for anything less as we pride ourselves on quality and setting HWA from the competitors.We don’t get into cheap carpet cleaning because cheap carpet cleaning reduces quality. Like the saying goes good service isn’t cheap but cheap service isn’t good. 

BUT we are very affordable for a top quality service and impeccable results. So we do offer value for Dollar spent. And you’re not feeding a big company, your looking after a Western Australia local economy family business. So we really value all of our clients and take real value to customer service.

We have multiple steps and an eye for detail when we provide a professional carpet cleaning service.

The first step being the Pre-Inspection.
That ranges from seeing existing damages, tears, burns, seem loose. We will then inform you of the outcomes and possible risks that may be involved. As we like to set the expectations and be realistic.

After all if you haven’t cleaned your carpets in over a few years it will be very-very difficult to getting it back “like new” conditions again. So that’s why we say you should clean your carpets every 6 months at the minimum or at least annually at the most.

Secondly is the Pre Vacuum with our state of the art up right HEPA Filter turbo brush vacuum designed specifically for cleaning the dry soil out of your carpets in the most efficient and safest manner possible.

In our next blog we will continue on for your carpet cleaning process.